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Gorgeous Everton Fan

Flying the football fittie flag for the blue side of Merseyside is the stunning Chloe Amber! Thanks for joining our team of gorgeous girls Chloe – we know you’re pleasing on the eye and that you’re a proud Toffee, but let’s talk some football. Who is your favourite football player of all time?

“Well I think it would have to be Tim Cahill when he played for Everton.” 🙂 

We figured! Can you remember the first match you went to and what the score was? 

I don’t remember I was too young as I used to go when I was 1 with my dad and granddad…I’m sure we won though 😉 haha.

No biased there then! Where do you think you’ll finish this season?

Of course not 😉 Realistically mid-table sadly. Next season top 3! 😉

Ambitious. Are you old enough to remember Big Scary Dunc, or am I just showing my age?

“Yes I loved Ferguson. I had 2 goldfish one called Duncan and 1 call Ferguson and I was devastated when he left.”

Marry, shag, kill: Rooney, Francis Jeffers, Phil Neville? 

I wouldn’t sleep with a single one if they were the last people on the planet! replace one with Duncan Ferguson and we might have a deal 😉 But kill Neville and marry Jeffers!

Ok, good old fashioned Snog, Marry Avoid then…

“Snog Rooney, marry Jeffers and avoid Neville”

Poor Phil. Tell us a random fact about yourself.

“My Dad is the ex Lord Mayor of Knowsley.”

sexy everton girl

Read the t-shirt.

Read the t-shirt.

Thank you for joining the LOL Football Fit Girls gallery, Chloe. The pleasure is all ours! 

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