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Claudia Romani welcomes the lovely Claudia Romani to the LOL Football Fit Girls gallery. Thanks for joining the team, Claudia. Tell us a bit about yourself – Where are you from and what you’re up to nowadays? 

“I’m Italian, but I’m now living in Miami, USA, I lived in England for 4 years before that. I work as an International model and I’m also an Italian Style Ambassador. My hobbies are yoga, pilates, swimming and I love to travel too.”

We’re certainly bigs fan of your style. Which football team do you support?

“AC Milan is my team.” 

Claudia Romani

Who is your favourite football player of all time?

“Paolo Maldini.” 

Brilliant choice, he was a complete legend. Nice hair too. What was the first ever game you went to and what was the score?

“I can’t remember the score but it was my local town team, L’Aquila Calcio. I’m lucky to be their madrina [sponsor].”

L'Aquila Madrina Calcio Claudia Romani

Nice! Ok, what is your favourite football moment of all time?

“The World Cup when we won in Germany…I was there! :)”

claudia romani football


claudia romani football modelling

We already know that you were voted best legs by “Q” magazine, Denmark. (Good work) but can you tell us a funny/strange fact about yourself, Claudia. 

“Oh! Strange? I never got a drivers licence. I never tried hehe because I didn’t need one living in London.” 

The World’s Hottest Referee

Reffin’ delicious.

One more fact about you please? We are greedy like that.

“Ummm, well I’m a vegetarian.”

An animal lover! Are you involved in any kind of activism?

“I donate part of my eBay sales to ‘Pets on Death Row.’ I find it so sad. :(“

Aaagh you’re killing us! A fit Italian girl who loves football and saves animals. You’re the unicorn! Thanks for your time, Claudia and good luck with all your projects and with AC Milan.

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