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Emanuela Iaquinta football

LOLFootball.com welcomes with open arms, the second fit Italian of the LOL Football Fit Girls gallery. Thanks for joining the team, Emanuela. Tell us a bit about yourself

“I’m a TV Presenter for a football channel [Calcissimo tv show on Canale Italia 53] in Italy. I’m Italian and I have loved to dance from an early age (ballet and jazz).” 

Lovely. You were first brought to our attention in the best possible way – by writing football results on your boobies (foolproof way of earning our consideration). We approve. How long have you been doing that?

“Haha! Not long, it’s more fun than reading it on a website, right? ;)”

We’re pretty torn on that. We are a football website, but we certainly are pro-tit football art. Let’s just agree that they’re both brilliant platforms. Which team do you support, Emanuela?

“I’m a Juventus fan!!”

**Side note: We originally thought that Emanuela was the wife of Juventus striker Vincenzo Iaquinta. We were wrong. In our defence, she has the same surname as the Italian target man, then there’s the language barrier and she did have the Juve score written proudly on her continental funbags.**

Emanuela Iaquinta football

Who is your favourite football player of all time?

“Gianluigi Buffon!”

Safe, solid choice. Mr dependable and of course a Juventus club legend.

Can you remember the first football game you ever went to and what the score was?

“Yes…Milan vs Novara…Pippo (Filippo) Inzaghi is my friend… it was his last ever game as a player. It was 2-1 to Milan…and he scored. :)”

*You can see the goals from that game in the video below.*

Thanks for your time to talk to us, Emanuela. Good luck with your football results on boobies hobby. It’s a revolution which we fully endorse. Ciao!

Emanuela Iaquinta football boobs

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