Kelly Hodgson (West Brom)

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Cute west brom fan kelly

It’s an absolute pleasure to add the gorgeous Kelly Hodgson, a West Brom fan from Essington to the LOL Football Fit Girls gallery. Don’t mention sexy the eye-browed Alan Irvine to her – we almost lost her when we did! Let’s start with your favourite football player of all time?

“It has to be David Beckham!”

Ah yes, Becks. The man-crush of our desires. What is the first ever West Brom game you went to and what was the score?

“We won 3-0 in the cup against Newport and Berahino scored a hat-trick!”

wba newport county

Marry, shag, kill: Woy Hodgson, Big Sam and Steve Bruce?

“Aww I’d marry Woy! what a guy! shag big Sam and hope he’s called big Sam for a reason haha! And kill Brucey although I think kill is a bit harsh! Can’t I just avoid him? It’s traditionally snog marry avoid?!”

west brom fan kerry

 What do you do when you’re not looking lovely and watching West Brom play?

“Lots of things – I bake cakes but don’t eat them myself. Don’t ask!” 

pretty west brom fan kerry

sexy west brom fan kerry

Poor Brucey! Well Kelly it’s been a an absolute pleasure – thanks for joining the team and being the first to fly the flag for the Baggies.

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Battle stats

Won: 350

Lost: 164

Drawn: 129

Hot or Not stats

Points: 0

Times Shown: 0

Ranked: Not Ranked



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