What Makes Football The Most Profitable Sport Of The World?

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Football is an interesting game because it has speed. It is a 90-minute game that require months of tough training. There are many stories about football like its history and variations but people want to know even more.

If you’re one of those that want to know more about football then this blog will interest you most as it lists some amazing facts about football.

Here we go….

  1. Biggest sport in the world

With over 265 million players from 200 countries and over 3.5 billion viewers scattered across the globe, football is certainly the biggest sporting game played under the sun. And Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup is the most watched sporting tournament in the globe.

  1. Only 8 countries have become world champions

Starting 1930 till today, there are only 8 countries that have won the world cup tournament. Uruguay was the first country to become the world champion and Brazil is the five times champion. Italy won world cup four times.

  1. Americans call is soccer

Football is called football everywhere in the world except in America and Canada where it is popular as soccer. Football is equally popular in the US and Canada but it is known by a different name.

  1. Playing on the feet

The world football sounds like it is played with feet but it is wrong. It is a game where players can use their feet, ankles, knees, waist, chest and head but they can’t touch the ball with their hands including fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders.

  1. Premier League is the best football league

There are three main football leagues – Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and the English Premier League. And the debate over the best league keeps going between fans. While all the three leagues are equally popular, but when it comes to numbering the leagues in their popularity, it is English Premier League that stands first.

  1. Online football

Football is so popular that people want to play it online as well. And due to its online popularity, the eFootball is now considered a sport. Launched on 10 September 2019, it is a simulation video game that gives the real like pleasure. PES Productions, the developer of the game, recently launched 19th installment of the game.

  1. Top dollar sport

Football is the most expensive and the most profitable sport of the world. It churns more money than any other sporting event. And the money comes from different sources like advertisements and ticket sales.

  1. Wealthy football clubs

FC Barcelona, Manchester and Real Madrid are some of the wealthiest football clubs that Forbes call the most valuable sport franchises in the world. The Forbes report is based on the financial statements of football clubs.

  1. Rich players

Wealthy football clubs pay high fees to players especially star players with large fan following. These players amaze audience with their skills and in this way keep the audience engaged with the game for a long time.

Football fans are very enthusiastic about the game. They spend lavishly over tickets, memorabilia, celebrations, dresses, flight tickets and accommodations. Football is so popular that tourism industry has started making football centric vacations.

People plan football holidays in which they enjoy sightseeing, shopping and dining with football. Also, people bet on football. For betting, you can buy sure win prediction from a leading tipster and in this way boost your chances of winning bets.

Betting increases the thrill of watching football. Also, you can ensure your win in betting with the help of a most accurate prediction site. Buying tips will be an added expenditure but it will secure your betting amount..

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